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Silversmithing Bootcamp | Intensive Week Course

Silversmithing Bootcamp | Intensive Week Course

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Mon to Fri | 10 am - 4 pm | $995
No experience necessary.

Materials included (copper, brass and up to $50 in sterling silver for last project)

Sterling silver is available for purchase for those who prefer it over the provided copper and brass.

Join expert silversmith Cheryl Jacobs in our intensive 5-day Silversmithing Bootcamp, designed for both beginners and those looking to refresh and expand their skills. This hands-on course offers a deep dive into various silversmithing techniques, with each day dedicated to a different process and project.

By the end of the bootcamp, students will have created a unique piece of jewelry each day to take home.

Course Outline:

  • Day One: Cold connections - Riveting

Project: Pendant in Copper and Brass

Skills Learned: Tube rivets and flush rivets as embellishment, basic silversmithing skills (sawing, filing, polishing, designing)

  • Day Two: Ring Making

Project: Band Ring in Copper or Brass

Skills Learned: Sizing rings, roller printing, hammer texturing, applying heat patina and liver of sulfur patina for color and texture.

  • Day Three: Earring Design

Project: Earrings in Brass and Copper with Sterling Silver Embellishments

Skills Learned: Piercing, constructing, making earwires and links, sweat soldering will be demonstrated as interesting design elements

  • Day Four: Cuff Bracelet

Project: Cuff Bracelet in Brass or Copper

Skills Learned: Fold forming, roller printing textures, applying patinas for added design elements. Liver of sulfur and heat patina.

  • Day Five: Final Project

The last day of the bootcamp students will make a piece of their own design in Sterling Silver. A culmination of the week’s techniques can be applied to this project and students can take their new soldering skills to the next level. A bezel set cabochon will be demonstrated and basic stone setting and finishing techniques will be taught.   

Skills Learned: Soldering, basic stone setting, finishing techniques


This bootcamp is an excellent opportunity for those new to silversmithing to explore a wide range of techniques, while also offering more experienced students the chance to enhance their skills and learn new methods. Join us for a week of creativity and craftsmanship and leave with a collection of handcrafted jewelry and a wealth of new knowledge.

See booking information and cancellation policies for details. 

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