Fiona Maclean, Instructor


Fiona Maclean was born and raised on Vancouver Island.  She comes from a family that has made art and craftsmanship front and center.  Much of the travel she has done has involved visiting art galleries, crafts markets and taking in the architecture of different counties.  It’s not surprising that aesthetics and design have infiltrated just about everything she does.

After a year long trip to Australia she made the decision to enter Vancouver Community Colleges Jewellery, Art and Design Program.  At the end of her first year she was the winner of the Vaccaro Family Scholarship, an award open to Jewellery students across Canada.  With the winnings she enrolled in their gemmology program and in 2016 became a Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association.

In 2019, her search for new skills took her back to school at  NSCAD University working towards her BFA with a major in Jewellery Design and Metal smithing.   

The past two Septembers she has been awarded a BC Arts Council Scholarship and is currently finishing her degree online.

Her work can be found on her website at: