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Flex-Shaft Polishing Kit 4pk

Flex-Shaft Polishing Kit 4pk

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This 4pk Polishing Kit is perfect to use with your fled-shaft and our 1/4 bar Luxi Polishing Compound.


Included in the kit is one of each Miniature:

  • Muslin Buff with Resin Centre - 2 rows stitching
  • Finex Muslin Buff - 1 row stitching
  • Miniature Chemkote Muslin Buff 
  • Mini muslin polishing mop is mounted on a 3/32" shank

Designed for polishing small and difficult to reach areas, switch from the 2 stitching buff (for removel of fine scratches and marks) through to the polishing mop (soft and bushy for buffing & polishing) to get best results.

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