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Cuttlefish & Water Casting

Cuttlefish & Water Casting

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One-Day Workshop |10 pm - 4 pm | $240

Come take this one-day workshop with instructor Cheryl Jacobs and explore Cuttlefish Casting... an ancient simple casting technique that anyone can learn.

Students will carve their own design in the cuttlefish and do a small metal pour. They will then add findings, sand and polish to create a finished piece of jewelry.
Students will also have the chance to experiment with water casting. Water casting is a fun technique that produces unpredictable shapes—perfect for creating organic and unique pieces. Plus, it’s easy to do at home! a very fun day learning from a skilled casting teacher!

Course includes 15 grams of sterling silver casting grain. Extra grain available for purchase if desired.


Cuff links casting example by Taryn.

See booking information and cancellation policies for details. 

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